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Heem Patel

 Game programmer

3D Models and photography portfolio

3D models portfolio

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Photography portfolio

Post GDC!

So ,GDC Happened last week!

It was a great experience being a CA. I think that everyone should try to be a volunteer for GDC, it has so much more to offer. First and foremost one makes a lot of connections by being a CA. You literally have a set of 450 CA's you can make friends with. Every CA is so open to giving feedback or just talking about their jobs that it is exhilarating.

On top of that, there are CA mentorship programs where, CA's who are currently in the industry offer advice, resume reviews and mock interviews to job seekers. These experiences have been immensly helpful because I have been able to get feedback on my AI project, resume, and website in general. I know atleast a few areas where I can better myself now.

Also, I was able to make some really valuable connections, I was able to meet and connect with people who have been in the industry for a long period of time, and I have been able to get their feedback. This has been a great experience for me. 

Blog update!

Hey everyone!

So the past few weeks have been extremely busy!

I have been working hard on my AI Project and have managed to revamp it and basically clean it up. I started looking at the logic and realized that there were some major flaws. In order to help me debug I started adding in some debug graphics. This would tell me how and where the ball was being hit, where the player was headed to etc.

I started taking a note of the odd behavior and started to debug it. This was definitely a great exercise because it helped me realize quite a few places where I was faltering. I have begun to fix those behaviors and soon you will be able to see a more coherent AI!

Job Applications


As graduation comes closer, I have decided to put more time in searching for jobs and preparing for interviews. I have been working on my AI project but not as much as I would have liked to. This as truely become a secondary project for the time being. I definitely plan on picking it up again, very soon, and taking it to completion.

As for job applications, I have decided to change my approach a little bit. I was initially applying only to big renowned names and hoping to hear back. But thats a really bad approach to get a foot in the industry. I have decided to change that. I have started looking for and listing companies that are small as well. On top of that, I am more ope towards a certain type of mobile development companies.

Also I have started working on the basic structure of my cover letter. I have a draft of it ready to be reviewed and then I will be modifying that based on whichever company I am applying for.

So, this week happened.

Last week, I decided to start applying vigorously. I basically sent out my resume to atleast 20 companies just on saturday.

I also contacted an alumni and asked him if he could recommend me, he said yes and passed my resume onto his boss. The result being I got a technical test from there, so now I have an opportunity to atleast prove myself.

I also heard back from High Voltage and got a programming test from there. I plan on working on it this week and send it in.

So, till last week, I had absolutely no leads, and now I have two positive leads. I will be working hard on my interview prep and making sure I do the tests really nicely , so that I can score another interview with them. 

Well, Job applications are going good I guess?

Last week, I heard back from 2 companies, and got a programming test from each. I was able to complete them and send them in.

This week, I heard back from a couple of more companies - Panic Button Games, and A Secret New Co. I had an interview with them this week, and it seems like I cleared both of their interviews, and they want me to go for an on site interview now.

I also heard back from Visual Concepts, and they liked my solution, and want to give me an on-site interview as well. Yay!

So it seems like, I will be doing a lot of travelling over the next two weeks. And a lot of interview preparations :)

Interview #1 Check

I just finished my interview with A Secret New Co, and It was definitely an eye opening experiences.

It started with an hour long straight up white board technical questions. The questions asked were not hard, but I got nervous. I think I handled myself quite well and was able to bounce back. I think I was able to provide some sort of solution for all the questions asked and eventually worked up to a good solution atleast for a few of them.

After that , I had an interview with 2 more engineers, they basically talked about my projects and past experiences, and asked me a couple of whiteboard questions. I was able to do these with a little less difficulty, but it was a taxing interview as well.

Finally, We went on lunch, and it seemed like an interview in disguise, and more like a chat with me to get to know me more, and what I do outside of work, and if I am the type of person they can hang out with.

Following this, I had an interview with a few artists and a data analyst. This was an extremely essential interview and it was nice to talk about my team experiences at ETC. One of the artists also asked me to explain to him my AI project, which I was able to do relatively easily , thanks to the ETD class :)

Finally, the long day ended with a long chat with their COO, who basically asked me about my work status, and tried to find out why I was interested in work at the Secret New Co. etc.

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