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Heem Patel

 Game programmer

AI Project Blog

AI Project Blog

Demo combining steering behaviors and State Machines

Posted by Heem on 26 February, 2014 at 23:15

Hey oh!

So after learning about steering behaviors, the book talks about how they can be implemented in a very simple soccer game. I am going to implement a similar soccer game on my own. I actually finished reading through that chapter of the book and it has given me a great insight on how to pursue it. 

I decided to use C++ to implement my demo, the reason being I needed more practice with C++. I decided to use 2 libraries, glm which is a basic header only math library available for opengl. I plan to use it mainly for vector math. The reason I am doing that is so that I can speed up my time and concentrate more on developing the demo rather than the framework I would require to develop it. I also decided to use the Allegro library for basically rendering the images on screen and easily setting up a game window. I did successfully integrate both in my project and started coding the framework and class hierarchy. 

My basic class hierarchy looks as shown below.

I was able to successfull create the class structure, and have implemented the basic draw calls. My current game demo is able to render the following on the screen - 

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