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Heem Patel

 Game programmer

AI Project Blog

AI Project Blog

Round 1: Maths and Physics Primer - FIGHT!

Posted by Heem on 4 February, 2014 at 8:30

Hey everyone, 

Last weeks milestone was pretty easy and I was actually able to finish it during the weekend itself, and I was able to tackle it on previous Monday itself. It was actually a very pretty basic refresher to Mathematics and Physics required for game play programming. 

Other than that, I also started and was able to go through Chapter 2: State-Driven Agent Design. I read through it , and was able to understand it pretty clearly, I am now working on implementing the AI State system described in the book. 

The state system is basically about decision making , and is used to decide what state an agent will go into next. In the example, we are dealing with a Miner named Bob, and our task is to make sure he does the following tasks - "Go to the mine"-> "Go to the bank if his pockets are full of gold, and deposit it, if the amount of gold he has deposited in a day is enough for him then go home otherwise go back to the mine. Also, if at anypoint he is thirsty he should go to a bar and drink. If at any point he feels fatigued he should go back home and sleep."

The more complex state system described in the book has an additional character "Elsa" who is the miners wife. We then use a messaging system to pass messages between Elsa and Bob so that their dependent states can be called at correct times. i.e. for e.g. when the miner goes to "going home state" Elsa should go to "cooking food" state. Also, once the "food is cooked" i.e. after being in the "cooking food" state for a certain time period , Elsa should Message bob, that would change his state from "sleeping" to "going to eat food" state.  

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