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Heem Patel

 Game programmer

Drum Battle

Building Virtual World - Round 5

November 2012

Description -

The aim for this round was to develop a world that could be performed in front of an audience. We brainstormed the first week and came up with an idea of making a prototype that, if a player players nicely would result in a good musical performance. We decided to include real drums as input, and researched what would be the best way to get input from them. Our audio designer suggested the use of MIDI Drums to get input of the notes and use that. We were really thrilled with the idea and took inspiration from parappa the rapper to make a fighting game that had a musical component to it. This eventually turned out to be a 2 player drum battle game, where the players had digital avatars fighting each other on screen and it would show who was doing better.

My Contribution -

I was the Game play programmer and was responsible for detecting the input, for playing animations of the characters at proper time, Checking if the player had hit the correct drum at the correct time. I also programmed the cameras in the intro - cutscene, in order to make the intro cinematic. I created a script that would allow the audio designer to input when to check for what beat, so that it would sound good musically. Also, since the beats were associated with the animations, I created a script that would read a text file which had information of about which animation to play during which sequence.

This whole game was designed, brainstormed and implemented in 3 weeks.

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