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Heem Patel

 Game programmer

Kangaroo Rock

Building Virtual World - Round 1

September 2012

Description -

The aim of this world was to develop a game around a character who was afraid of another character. The platform we were assigned was Ps Move Controllers. We designed and developed this small game in 2 weeks. We started with the idea of a blind kangaroo who was being pursued by a hunter. Eventually the story grew to include a band that was played by the players who would give cues to the kangaroo of how to be safe. For e.g. When the gesture of playing a trombone was done on one of the Ps Move controllers , the Kangaroo jumped. This world was chosen to be the opening world for the BVW show, which had over 400 attendees.

My Contribution -

I was the Game play programmer for this game and I was responsible to code the sprite animations, the mechanics, getting the input from the controllers, programming the audio, AI for the hunter etc. We developed this using Unity3D.

Download it here!

NOTE - It was initially made to work with PsMove controllers and use the accelerometer data to get input. I ported this to work with PC , and use A,S,D buttons to make the kangaroo Jump/ Run Faster/ Slide

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