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Heem Patel

 Game programmer

KiTES - Educational games for SMALLab

Educational Games for SMALLab Technology.

Spring 2012

Client - Elizabeth Forward Middle School

Description -

The goal for the semester was to make immersive tools and games that the teachers could use to teach various topics to the students. The topics for the games were :-

1) To teach how to read an analog clock.

2) To help teachers teach how to read and formation of words.

We brainstormed and designed for the first 3 weeks, and presented the ideas to clients and professors. We came up with a prototype and got feedback on it , and eventually finalized a design direction. We then went into production and worked simultaneously on tools, and games for 8 weeks, and eventually went into polish phase for the last 3 weeks. We successfully delivered the products to client and they were really satisfied with all three products.

My Contribution -

I was responsible for creating the tool that would allow the teacher to input image addresses, texts, URL for videos in a Google spreadsheet and the tool would read from this spreadsheet and create an interactive scene with it.

I was also responsible for making the teaching part of the reading game, where the kids had to pick up letters and form words with them. The letters would be input by the teachers before starting the game and once the game began the kids would be able to interact with the letters and place them to form words. They then had the ability to mark letters that made the sound specified by the teachers.

I also contributed to the the design of all three products, and helped the producer producer in keeping the progress of all 3 projects as per the timeline.

You can see the videos and feedback on all of our final products in the following videos.

Teaching Tool

Reading game

Elapsed time game

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