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Heem Patel

 Game programmer


Building Virtual World - Round 3 [ Lightning round ]

October 2012

Description -

The aim for this round was to come up with a game in exactly 1 week. We had no theme, but were give a few platforms to choose from. We decided to choose Jam-O-Drum because of the design challenges it provided. We came up with a 2 vs 2 game , the aim for the players was to zap and capture as many points as possible in the give time. They had the ability to capture power-ups that would freeze the the opponents. The players on same team had to press the Jam-O-Drum buttons at the same time to fire the lightning that would capture the points/ power ups.

My Contribution -

I was the Game Play programmer for this round and was responsible for programming the movement of the players in a semi-symmetrical shape on the Jam-O-Drum table. I was also responsible for detecting if the inputs were in the same window, the time of the game , to check if the players are frozen or not etc. This game was designed and implemented in exactly 1 week.

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